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"Passing Time"
Grisaille oil painting on gallery wrap canvas.
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"Limberlost Series- 2"
Acrylic on gallery wrap canvas.
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"Limberlost Series- 1"
Acrylic on stretched canvas.
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"Drip Art"
Acrylic on stretched canvas.
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"Flower Vase"
Acrylic on gallery wrap canvas.
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"Quail Hunt"
Graphite illustration.
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Nike Airforces - Hands of Adam and God
Acrylic on shoe.

Request Commissions!

How to request:

1. Contact me at edezoortart@gmail.com , or on Instagram @e.dezoortart.

2. Provide image, size, and any other information.

3. We will discuss time frame and delivery.

(Price is determined by size, detail, time, and materials.)

*OR contact through the "Contact" tab and leave a message!*


Instagram: @e.dezoortart

Tiktok: @emmiedezoort

Email: edezoortart@gmail.com

A Little Bit About Me...

With experience as an artist, I care deeply about my craft. I work with you to keep memories alive with portrait commissions, college gameday commissions/prints, or any other piece. Each and every piece of artwork I create will reflect my passion to ensure your happiness/satisfaction.

What area are you LOCATED IN?

Macon, Georgia and Athens, Georgia.


How far in advance should I REQUEST A COMMISSION?

At least 2 weeks.

 As each work takes time, focus, and patience, we will discuss timeframe when request is made. If demand is high, timing could change.

What are your PRICES?

It depends on the piece. Commission prices will be discussed based on time, detail, size, material, and image. 

Prints will be priced on the website or on my Instagram (@e.dezoortart)

Original pieces for sale will  also be priced on the website or on my Instagram (@e.dezoortart)


Do you offer any OTHER ART SERVICES?

As I am a painter, I can also complete graphite illustrations and paint shoes upon request. 

Work in Progress!

This piece is based on the oil painting "Springtime" by Pierre Auguste Cot.

- This piece is an oil painting on a 4'x6' gallery wrapped canvas.

Want more details? Send a message on the "Contact" tab! 

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